Tang Soo Do

FINESSE Tang Soo Do Family Martial Arts Academy is an Arts association with the Safe Harbor Family Martial Arts located in Beverly, MA . Under the instruction of Master Victoria DeMarco, the instructor for the FINESSE Tang Soo Do has achieved a Sam Dan (3rd degree Black) and is officially recognized as Sah Bu Nim (Head Instructor). The experience in teaching Martial Arts has ranged over 20 years in different styles and arts. The style of Tang Soo Do has been taught since 1998, in addition to Koton Ryu Okinawan Karate. Other styles taken have been Goju Ryu Okinawan Karate and Shoto Khan Chinese Karate. Student age ranges of the class are from 5 to 75. The number of enrollees would determine the ages of each class; dividing the adult class from the junior class. Each class session would be one hour and a half. The beginning of the class would open with stretching exercises and evolve into what the teaching of the day would be. The session costs would be per person for 8 weeks (one class per week minimum). At the end of the first session (only) there will be a test to determine if promotion to the next level is applicable. Keep in mind that normal promotions for gups (any belt below black) can occur at a minimum of three months, and is absolutely at the discretion of the instructor. This is only a promotional program to get the word out about the new FINESSE Tang Soo Do Family Martial Arts Academy. The FINESSE Tang Soo Do Martial Arts Academy classes will be taught in a controlled, disciplined environment, where the beginner student will be taught the basics of blocks, kicks, stances, hand techniques, basic terminology, and forms. Proper respect and discipline will be maintained at all times. Most of all, the students will learn the Art with a lot of practice and a lot of fun. Any additional questions or information please feel free to call 617-839-3824. Tang Soo Do Family mARTial ARTs, where the emphasis is on ART!!!

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